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Seafari Explorer Maldives



This Indonesian traditional Phinisi was build in Bira, a famous boat building village in South Sulawesi. It combines the luxury of a traditional sailing boat with the comfort of a modern yacht. In 2016, she was converted to a diving liveaboard, catering all the needs of the modern and demanding scuba diver. As a guest on board of this charming vessel, we guarantee you a unique liveaboard and spectacular diving in the rich waters of Indonesia.

We schedule top diving destinations like Komodo, Alor, Maluku/Banda Sea, Triton Bay, Raja Ampat and Cenderawasih Bay. Rich marine life, healthy corals and stunning landscapes may soon become your memories after a stay on board of MSY Ilike.

Diving in Indonesia can be challenging due to strong currents, and dive sites are in most cases very remote! This means that any help (doctor, hospital or recompression chamber are most of the time several hours or days away! Divers should be able to dive without help of an instructor. Our dive guides are there to guide, and for unlikely cases of emergency. Therefor we require a minimum dive experience of 75 logged dives, and a minimum certification level CMAS**, Padi Advanced or similar.

In general our schedule is as follows:

  • From june till september we operate in Komodo: most of our trips are a combination of Komodo NP (amazing reefs, Manta Alley, and not to forget: the famous Komodo Dragon) and Sangean island (a vulcanis island that last erupted in 2015: top class critter diving)
  • From november till march we operate in Raja Ampat: diving in the area with the highest bio-diversity in the world, huge schools of fish, and amazing macro.
  • Between the operation in both top class destinations, we schedule trips to remote area's like Maluku, Banda Sea, forgotten islands and Triton Bay. If you think you have seen it all, you better try this!

We look forward to welcome you on board!

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Seafari Explorer


A modern, and spacious liveaboard built to a high standard. MY Seafari Explorer and its crew are waiting to please you in any way they can!

Maldives is one of the most appealing dive destinations in the world with its year-round warm water and sightings of great pelagics. Around the coral reefs you will find large schools of fish, sharks, and rays. Whale sharks and grey reef sharks are common sights, while manta rays can be found at the numerous cleaning stations!

The boat is always accompanied by our comfortable dive dhoni. This is a boat where all diving equipment, compressors and tanks are stored. During the filling of the tanks the dhoni will move away from the boat, so people are not disturbed by the noise. You can consider the boat as your hotel and the dhoni as your dive center, but both are floating on an endless ocean… They move to the best dive spots in the area, the ultimate divers dream!

Routing of most scheduled trips is Male - Ari - Vaavu - Male. Healthy reefs, abundant fish life are a continuous joy during the dives on this trip. But most of the divers become ecstatically after our 2 famous night dives. Imagine yourself sitting on a sandy bottom, surrounded by several circling Manta Rays Or maybe you are an adrenaline addicted diver? In that case you will like the Alimatha jetty night dive. Dozens of nurse sharks, hunting jacks and giant stingrays will accompany you during this night dive.

For the returning and experienced diver, we could highly recommend a trip on our yearly "South atolls expedition". For about 2 months in a year, we move South. As South as South can be, up to Addu atoll! The cleaning station in Addu is famous for the number of Mobula and Giant mantas you can admire. On the way we cross big schools of grey reef sharks on thrilling channel dives. Occasional encounters with Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Tresher Sharks and Leopard Sharks are the dream of every shark-fanatic. But what attracts most experienced divers, is the fact that only few liveaboards schedule these expeditions, resulting in a wide open ocean, just for you!

Please note: Divers should be able to dive without help of an instructor. Our dive guides are there to guide, and for cases of emergency. Dives in Maldives can be challenging due to strong currents. Therefor we advise a minimum dive experience of 40 logged dives, and a minimum certification level CMAS**, Padi advanced er similar. Or you can bring your own experienced dive buddy who will take care of you!

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14.000 islands... But yet only 1 country: Indonesia! Overwhelming nature, rich cultural history, smiling people, but above all: seas with the greatest bio-diversity in the world! Roll out of bed, walk to the dive deck, and roll into untouched reefs where the bright colors and swirling marine life look almost too pristine to be true. With a strong emphasis on conservation and protection, these Indonesian waters are real close to perfection. Indonesia is a destination that will appeal to photographers: from muck to fast drift diving along the reef wall. Hard corals grow undisturbed next to giant sponges and healthy soft corals. Macro life hides away from their predators. And always keep your eyes out for the odd turtle that is chomping on the corals, a passing ray or patrolling shark. Just remember to breathe! This is divers heaven!


"Countless exotic islands, surrounded by beautiful lagoons, beaches and reefs in an endless ocean..." This is the image that is fixed in the memories of visitors of the Republic of Maldives. For scuba divers, the image gets even better! The isolation of the Maldives, far from any continent, has led to a fabulous variety of marine species. Seasonal oceanic currents flowing through the country have forged channels from the open ocean into all the atolls. These channels, or Kandu, concentrate plankton rich waters into and out of the atolls, which in turn support an incredibly rich marine ecosystem, including big life like sharks and several species of rays, including the manta ray of course! Once inside the atoll, reefs, sandbars, islands and lagoons have evolved over millennia forming the habitat and nurseries for many of the reefs inhabitants. This is what Maldives makes to 1 of thé top dive destinations around the world!